About Aoi & Elbereth

The CC + Me Adventure App is built around a science fiction story and characters designed by Jasmyne Foster, who was 12 years old when she participated in the Climate Change and Me project. In Jasmyne’s original story The Changes, young people develop mutant abilities that help them adapt to the destructive impacts of climate change in the near future. In the CC + Me Adventure App, you can choose to play as one of her fictional characters: 

Aoi is a young art student with a passion for climate science and environmental activism. After a near-death experience, Aoi realises that anything he draws in his notebook can come to life and help fight against climate injustice.

Elbereth is a young environmentalist with a passion for magic and the natural world. After helping bring Aoi back to life, Elbereth discovers that she can draw on elemental energies to heal people and other creatures affected by climate change.